Jocktails – the Hurricane

I try to make a point of never sharing my cocktail with anybody else… but you’d do well to drink this Jocktails recommendation, The Hurricane, on your own.

This is Pat O’Brien’s Hurricane cocktail and it’s meant to fill 13 thirsty drinkers.

I guess it depends on your crowd!

I was introduced to the Hurricane which is an amber/gold rum cocktail with passion fruit juice, the fuller recipe of which I will print further below, at Pat’s on CityWall, Universal, in Orlando.

What you having’? The Hurricane at Pat’s in Universal Studios, Orlando

It was there that myself and a group of Irish rollercoaster fans wetted our whistles the night before tackling the big rides.

Be sure to line your stomach at breakfast the next day.

And it also loosened up our vocal cords with us belting out Don’t Stop Believing (obvs) and Piano Man.

Well, they do have duelling pianists and pianos.

And now for the history bit

A little history here about The Hurricane…

Pat ran a speakeasy called Mr O’Brien’s Club Tipperary (yes, he’s one of ours) in New Orleans.

And not that it’s much use to you now but the password was storm’s brewin’.

Pat had a surplus of rum and wanted to get rid of it so he could stock whiskeys.

He poured the mix into hurricane lampshades glasses and gave them away too sailors, and it remains popular particularly in the French Quarter.

The recipe: Mix 4oz of Pat O’Brien’s rum or any good dark rum with 4oz of Pat O’Brien’s Hurricane Mix. Fill 26oz glass with crushed ice and garnish with orange and a maraschino cherry. Multiply by 13.

A nice touch is that it has been custom for bars to donate the prices of Hurricanes to Hurricane relief.

Visit http://www.patobriens.com www.patobriens.com and http://www.universalorlando.co.uk www.universalorlando.co.uk. And http://www.visitusa.ie www.visitusa.ie.

And while I dig out my first (not my last, it’s one of my favourite places and memories) review from Orlando, here’s the first Jocktail in this series to keep you going… https://jimmurtytraveltraveltravel.com/2019/08/01/jocktails-the-strawberry-daiquiri/ Caught up with you now… here’s my Aaawlando review https://jimmurtytraveltraveltravel.com/aaawlando-orlando-the-rollercoaster-capital/

Now to reward myself with a big Hurricane.

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