Moanday Morning – cars and petrolheads

The Scary One hasn’t let me behind the wheel for more than a dozen years… and counting. She’s as nervous as a kitten in the passenger’s seat and has been known to grasp the handle tightly. Before we’ve even left the driveway. And so too did the owner of the classic Fiat 500 on the […]

Holidos and Don’ts: When in Rome

Do like the Romans… or the French. Or the Americans… or the Asians… it’s Holidos and Dont’s: When in Rome. These are the foreign customs that catch us out, but the trick is forearmed is forewarned. And play it safe. Back in the day when I was going to Italian classes I tried out an […]

Hot D’Azure

It’s Hot D’Azure down in the French Riviera right now. How hot? Well today it is set to break all records in France for June with temperatures of 41C. France’s two highest temperatures were recorded in the South of France, 44C, on two separate occasions on August 12 in 2003 so it’s not quite that […]