Moanday Morning – cars and petrolheads

The Scary One hasn’t let me behind the wheel for more than a dozen years… and counting.

She’s as nervous as a kitten in the passenger’s seat and has been known to grasp the handle tightly.

Before we’ve even left the driveway.

And so too did the owner of the classic Fiat 500 on the French Riviera.

Drive on…. on the course in France

I had been excited to see that we were being given the opportunity to drive around the Cote D’Azur when our Cannes itinerary came in.

Alas, the gears were hands controlled and I stalled not une, deux, mais trois fois que temps.

So Pierre took the wheel. And drove us safely around the cliffs.

The conversation was clipped with your Bandanaman in le huff.

Not my car! On Wicklow Mountains

And yes, typical male, my pride was dented and I did not take in the scenery the way I should have.

Even when we got to the beach for our picnic.

Where I sulked and skimmed stones. I’d recommend it but it may very well already be your stress-reliever.

And I was back to myself when we got in a big boat later for the drive back to Cannes.

And no I didn’t get to drive that but none of us did so that was OK.

This is what happened when I joined the Fast Set in Cannes… The Boat D’Azur.

Not even in a golf buggy… in Portugal

And guess what? My erratic driving (see, The Scary One even has me believing it) isn’t confined to the roads.

My fellow golfers on The Old Course, Cannes, were left ducking at my driving.

And I failed to follow golf etiquette by shouting ‘Quatre’!

And in Quinto da Lago I almost drove the Ryder Cup buggy into the lake! http://www.quintodalago.com and https://jimmurtytraveltraveltravel.com/secret-portugal-classy-centro/

If you’re abroad and want your independence, and aren’t fazed by driving on the wrong side of the road, then go for Hertz… http://www.hertz.ie.

And maybe bring your Scary One with you.

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