Holiday Snaps – Snappy dressing in New York

Now Macy’s is many people’s shopping dream and indeed for many women fashion is a key part of their New York trip…

Heck in this, the last rock in the Atlantic before Ireland which we like to call Ireland, weekend shopping breaks across to the Big Apple are a must-do.

For those who can afford it…

And for those who can’t.

I wouldn’t put my own Dear Old Mum in that category though very fashionable she is, even at 91.

Which reminds me of the last time we were in New York together, for my cousin’s wedding… here’s our extended clan above.

We had been assigned a very specific task by my brother to get chinos.

And having lived in North America he knew the exact American sizes.

When I asked my cousin where the nearest mall to him on Long Island was he said the black mall was nearer than the white mall.

I was aghast but he wasn’t being racist it’s just the way it is.

And another thing: the shoppers were super-super-sized.

Probably because they were tanking into the fast food.

It’s an economic thing where the poorer you are the more fast food you eat.

I’d had this reaffirmed to me in Mississippi, one of America’s poorest estate and home to the most popular drive-through burger joint. https://jimmurtytraveltraveltravel.com/the-story-of-the-blues/

But back to the other end of the spectrum to Macy’s and the woman I call Mum because that’s her name.

Browsing through the Guess coats in Macy’s http://www.macys.com for my Scary One Mum scoffed at my choice of a green coat.

And that she wanted me to tell her she had no part in its selection…

And Guess what, she’s still wearing it ten years later!

All of which nonsense is s roundabout way of flagging up Cassidy Travel’s Shop till you drop offer from €579pps.

That’ll be a three-night break with flights from Dublin.

Stay at the 3* the Manhattan at Times Square Hotel.

Flight departs December 9. http://www.cassidytravel.ie.

Start spreading the news

And here’s a different twist on NY… https://jimmurtytraveltraveltravel.com/2019/08/21/old-new-york-hamilton/

And while you’re there, or before you go, check out https://www.nycvb.com and the excellent New York City Pass http://www.citypass.com.

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