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Seven Dwarfs go Florida

And as we look forward to next year’s remake of the Disney classic Snow White, what about Seven Dwarfs go Florida?

Suppose it makes sense with the Sunshine State being home to Mickey, The Donald and all our Disney faves.

Of course, hi-ho, hi-hard-working miners need a break too.

And where do they go?

Well, Gamble Place, Port Orange, an hour north of New Smyrna Beach and Orlando.

And which is as you all know is where I should be now.

Worth a Gamble

House about that: The Seven Dwarfs Cottage

Gamble is, of course, that Gamble, of Gamble & Procter fame.

Included in the National Register of Historic Places, Gamble Place was once a rural retreat owned by James N. Gamble.

Guests can step back in time to experience the same pristine environment he found so inviting during the late 1800s.

The 175-acre nature reserve features a “Florida cracker-style” house named “Egwanulti” (a Native American word meaning “by the water”).

And the Citrus Packing House, the only one currently in existence in its original location in Florida.

A mine of information

Ya dancer: Snow White and her pals

But I digress, you want to know about the replica of the Seven Dwarfs Cottage.

And a Witch’s Hut and Dwarfs’ Mine Shaft too.

Now the Snow White remake has illicited a bit of a Woke reaction, fronted by one of the world’s most vertically-challenged actors.

Peter Dinklage (Elf, Game of Thrones, Cyrano) called the producers ‘f****** backwards’ for including dwarfs in the remake.

I guess he would object too at them being forced too work well into their Nineties.

Not to mention the damage mining does to the climate.

And this from someone who built his career on his dwarf character in GoT.

Warwick’s world

We dig this: The dwarfs

I take my lead more from the likes of Warwick Davies who as a dwarf sent up the challenges of dwarfism in Ricky Gervais’s Life’s Too Short.

And who is a fixture around Universal Orlando.

And who the Orlandans remember fondly from when he and the supersized Robbie Coltrane visited at the construction of Harry Potter World.

Now that brings us all full circle back to Orlando and the American Travel Fair, IPW.

We’ll gloss over the fact that they went ahead with it at all when they knew I couldn’t make it.

Our American friends

A little bit of love: Snowy’s favourite

Still, we’ll all be together again next year, God willing, in San Antonio, Texas.

And some of us before then at the US Soiree in Dublin next month.

For now though, hi-ho, it’s off to work we all go, me at my desk, while The Seven Dwarfs go Florida.




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