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Japan for old times’ sake

And the cherry blossom will look even better this year as the Land of the Rising Sun reopens again… Japan for old times’ sake.

See what we’ve done there… sake as in meaning purpose and sake (pronounced sakky) as in rice wine.

All of which I got a taste for, breaking the boxes with Japanese friends at a kimono-adorned wedding in Islay, off Scotland.

And a hankering to see first hand.

Brad in Japan

Fare play: Brad in Bullet Train

As we all knew already but have been reminded of by Brad Pitt the bullet train is the way to get around.

Although remember that that film is just a gangster romp, and the Japanese really are very friendly.

Our own pals and Far East specialists Platinum Travel have put together some itineraries which highlight the best of Japan.

Land at peace

Made up in Japan: Tokyo

Embrace the timeless tradition and modern spirit of Japan’s iconic sites, from the neon skyline of Tokyo to foodie Osaka.

Spend the night in a traditional ryokan.

And take a peace pilgrimage to Hiroshima.

And enjoy genuine Japanese hospitality in the mountain hot springs village of Kotohira.

Learn how local artisans make Japanese washi paper in the UNESCO village of Gokayama.

Enjoy a kaiseki lunch near Kyoto where you will learn about local customs.

Circle of trust

Cherry on top: Cherry blossom

And what I’ve learned from my Japanese friends here is that making a circle with your hands above your head is your go-to.

It’s sake OK and when I do get out to Japan I’ll be trying it out for myself.

Platinum have 13 days from €6,225 during cherry blossom season.

It includes 12 breakfasts, three lunches, one Be My Guest, one welcome reception, one farewell dinner, one regional dinner and four dinners.



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