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Hungary and Thursday – Goulash

Well, I had to do it eventually didn’t I? But my interest in Hungarian goulash is prompted by the Czech variety.

Goulash is popular throughout Central Europe… well, all these countries border each other so it probably shouldn’t be surprising.

But the Hungarians claim it as their own, their national dish.

No, that’ll be a srew

My question here though, and I grant you that I have an untrained palate, is not who ‘owns’ goulash.

But what is the difference between goulash and stew?

Right, so after some extensive research, and some sampling, let me lay down what I’ve discovered:

Stew is a main dish containing meat and vegetables and thick broth made from the stewing juices.

And the Strahov Monastery Brewery serves the best goulash

While goulash is also a stew (fancy?) but here’s the big difference… it has paprika.

Now you know I’ve been eating goulash in the Czech Republic last week (and drinking) and more inducements later…

And by the way the Strahov Monastery Brewery is where they serve the best goulash.

But for now Hungary and some goulash (what do you mean you can get paprika in the supermarket?)

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I’ll share more of my latest Czech adventures in Ireland’s The Herald newspaper with you and on this site.

But to whet your appetite… Hungry and Thursday – Czech please and a review I prepared earlier Hope springs eternal.

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