Get your skis on – on the slopes

It’s all downhill from here… and tobogganing and snowboarding and ski-jumping. The snows were gathering on the peaks in Ehrwald in the Austrian Tirol on the last day of my Topflight walking trip last week. Heralding the changeover when we start planning for the winter. At the same time Topflight were dropping their winter […]

Holidos and don’ts – saunas and hammams

Reini thought nothing of seeing his parents in the nude when he was a kid… after all he was starkers too. Sorry, before you have to gouge out your eyes and rinse your brain, let me explain. We were walking the hills and the mountains of Austria and Germany on our Topflight trip to […]

Holiday Snaps – Yoga around the world

I’ve just returned from Austria and Germany, as you know, after a Topflight hike around the Tirolian hills, with a 20-strong walking party which included some yogi. No, not the smarter than the average bear type, but yoga teachers. And take a bow Red Flash, below, Black Magic and Hot Yoga Hilary. Which, of […]

Holiday Snaps – Save money on Italy

A man goes into the doctor: ‘Doctor, I feel like an Italian island,’ Doctor: ‘Don’t be Sicily.’ You obviously need more than a morning and afternoon to spend in Sicily but alas that is all we had on our day trip from Malta. Of course we could easily put that right with award-winning Italian holiday […]