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Flyday Freeday Friday – Ethiopian have you covered

Yes, you’ve read that right, our friends at Ethiopian Airlines are giving it away…

EA have launched their Sheba Comfort Insurance policy which covers customers for medical costs if you contract Covid-19 overseas.

EA have been busy, busy, busy… they’ve refurbished their passenger terminal at Bole Airport in Addis Ababa.

A clean bill of health: Ethiopian Airlines

And they remind us that they work with their Star Alliance partners via Frankfurt, Stockholm or Istanbul.

I wonder if I can get off in Crossroads City and rejoin them later.

Aer we go for 2021

You’ll keep going back: The Rovers Return, Manchester

And Ireland’s national airline, Aer Lingus, carrier are spoiling us again… with flights from only €25.99.

Which is Birmingham where you’ll need to take in Cadbury World in Bourneville and Manchester whose jewel is their Coronation Street tour.

Dublin-London is €29.99 and a few euro more from Knock in the West at €32.99.

Beefy: In London with a local

You want to get to the continent? I thought you would, and you’ve got the same taste as me, then I give you…

Living like locals in Saint-Pauli

Hamburg and Amsterdam from the Irish capital for €35.99. From Cork Clog City is just four euro more.

And Ireland’s national airline carrier will, of course look after you if circumstances change.


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What a picture – my award-winning photographer wife

Every picture tells a story and this is ours.

World Photograph Day yesterday saw me trawling through my Travel memories with my award-winning photographer wife.

Sarah Frost as she was when she won two UK Royal Photography Awards.

And still is under her working name, before taking on my mantle.

Now The Scary One, as I affectionately and rather fearfully refer to her, has not been able to attend all my trips around the world.

A deserved reputation

Mostly because of the stipulations but sometimes I imagine because of reputation.

But when she has she has brought a colour to the trips.

Around Ireland…

Temple Bar

In our own garden county of Co. Wicklow, in Dublin, the iconic Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel at a famous Dublin 4 institution, and a haven too in Temple Bar, and in the heart of the Midlands in the border county of Monaghan.

And up north from where us Murtys hail and London and England where the Frosts hail.

That way, Sweden

While she also caught the fun of skiing in Austria, wining and dining in Portugal Centro, cruising in the Norwegian fjords with stop-offs in Copenhagen and then a city trip in Hamburg.

And also at George’s and Amal’s Amsterdam hotel, her photographs have always enhanced the experience.

Though there was a time on board the MSC Preziosa when it was particularly slippy because of the Norwegian rain.

Photo album

And she looked as if she might fall overboard. I very nearly caught her too!

So opening up the album here are my Frostie’s Favourites and some of her creativity has even rubbed off on me. See if you can spot which are hers and which are mine?

The fjords

fullsizeoutput_1a8b 2
Which one’s the troll?

And She was up every morning bright and early to capture Norway’s waterfalls, inlets and try to spot trolls.

There was one still sleeping off the previous night’s wine, in our MSC Preziosa cabin room.

Bitesize Hamburg

Walking on air in Copenhagen

And when She wasn’t putting her feet up in the beach bar in tbe Rieperbahn she was snapping life around the port.

Amsterdam by George

žCan I be trusted on a bike? In Amsterdam

And sometimes we make a rod for our own back because after staying at the Dylan Amsterdam where George and Amal stay then everywhere else is a disappointment.

Heart and Soll

White delight: In Soll

I fell for you Heart and Soll as Cole Porter sang. And while I was falling down the slopes She was getting the ski boots off and capturing the SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser.

The power of Powerscourt

Towering talent… one of mine

And the two things that She loves more than anything in life and neither of them are me are in Wicklow that’s gardening and shopping.

Powerscourt has them both... and don’t my credit cards know it?

One of Hers


And one of Jose’s

And lastly here we are the picture of happiness as taken by our Portuguese guide, photography fan and pal Jose.





Hungry and Thursday – Hamburgers

You know when you think you’re being clever and you discover someone has been there before you… Ich Bin Ein Hamburger.

It’s a headline I put on a review of Hamburg. And a play on John F. Kennedy’s solidarity with the Berliners ‘Ich Bin Ein Berliner’.

It transpires though that the clever Haguers of Den Haag, or The Hague, came up with the same idea for their restaurant.

Now this feature, Hungry and Thursday, will revisit the Netherlands, and Dutch/Middle Eastern fusion food next week.

The secret is in here

But for now I’ll look at burgers.

Again someone had the idea before me to seek out the origins of the hamburger.

My efforts were less successful.

Being the lost tourist that I am, and even with the help of The Scary One who knows how to get from A to B, I couldn’t find the restaurant I wanted.

It transpired as well that the place we’d identified to serve us our rundstuck would have been shut that day anyway.

Take your pick

The Hamburger, of course, is the world’s favourite takeaway food.

And it has the German emigrants to America to thank.

And now for the history bit

Who brought the rundstuck to America in the 19th Century.

Being good wholesome food it proved popular and a good source of nutrition for refuelling for manual workers.

And served in a bread bun it proved portable.

It has, of course, served the same purpose for future generations on the go.

Or just as a well-priced and quick alternative as a sit-down meal.

And of course Hamburg is famous for St Pauli and the nightlife

So what are the best burgers?

Well, they have expanded and you can get vegan, bison, chicken, you name it.

This is just a filler

And all manner of fillings… tomato and lettuce are staples.

I like mushrooms with everything but please, no gherkins.

And you can choose from a multitude of sauces.

For the best hamburger go to Hamburg. I can thoroughly recommend Dulf’s Burger and my review Ich bin ein Hamburger. And visit

I did say nightlife, didn’t I?

Where you’ll find what makes a hamburger a hamburger.

And it’s not ham which means ‘bend of the river’ or burger which means ‘inhabitant of a fort.