Give us this Day – hotel churches

Every hotel should have them… comfy beds, good showers, quiet, great vistas, and often, but not always, a TV. And obviously a church. Which is where Francesca and her hotel in Sutri in the Lazio region of Italy, 70km outside of Rome, comes in. Francesca is my babysitter on that leg of the 100km pilgrimage […]

Hungry and Thursday – Biscuits

They are one of life’s little treats – the moreish morsel that’s not just for Elevenses… the humble biscuit. Or, maybe not so humble. Take the Garibaldi which has a heroic place in history. It’s no exaggeration to say that without the currant baked sandwich there would be no Modern Italian state. The great Italian […]

Moanday morning – it’s cats v dogs

You’re either a cat person (and my kind of human being) or a dog person (and probably not). No doubt if I google it I’ll be able to find out what a cat person is and what constitutes a dog person. Equally there’s bound to be some kerching mug, plate or tea towel saying why […]

Holidos and don’ts – souvenirs

Now the only thing you need to know about souvenirs is this… The answer is a fridge magnet. They’re small, cheap (no, don’t blame me) and easy to pack away. And they provide a picture, or pictures, of the place you’ve been to. Of course, they range in price. I paid €2 for this one […]

Hungry and Thursday – Spanish pulpo

Now this one’s got legs and will run and run… it’s Spanish pulpo, or octopus! Walking the last leg of the Camino with involves you getting a car ride from Santiago airport to Sarria 100kms away. My driver speaking little to no English and me poco Espagnol it was a long journey. Broken up […]