Holiday Snaps – Cruise extra

It’s in midwinter that we start looking to the new year and where we’ll go, and for many of us that’s a cruise. And that’s what Celebrity Cruises were thinking too when they invited us all out to the Ivy in Dublin To talk about their 2020 vision, and the launch of Apex. […]

Cruiseday Tuesday – Birthday celebrations

Cruises are cruelly tagged as for the ‘overfed, newly wed and nearly dead.’ Which is an outdated view of life on the high seas, if ever it was really true in the first place. Cruises are popular, of course, with our senior surfers who will gladly return time after time. While they are great as […]

Cruiseday Tuesday – It’s a Boston Sea Party

Boston Harbor (without the u) was my backyard for a summer. And I’d look longingly out to sea as I cleaned out the ice cream vats in Quincy Market in the humid heat. I’d be daydreaming of those revolutionaries chucking tea into the water and blaming the Red Indians. Back then I took one day […]

Hungry and Thursday – playing with your food

We’re all told from an early age not to play with our food… but heck, that’s half the fun. Doesn’t it make your flesh crawl when you see some foodie snob at work? Pursing their lips, noses upturned, inspecting their food like Hamlet does Yoric. It’s food, there to be eaten and, if you’re lucky, […]

Holidos and don’ts: kids on holiday

You can’t live with them… you can’t leave them behind on holiday. Your kids. One of the biggest stress points on holiday is the need to entertain your children. Which does not come cheap. I mean you have to feed and water them, and they’re not like plants, these guys are always grazing. I’ve no […]

Holidos and don’ts – souvenirs

Now the only thing you need to know about souvenirs is this… The answer is a fridge magnet. They’re small, cheap (no, don’t blame me) and easy to pack away. And they provide a picture, or pictures, of the place you’ve been to. Of course, they range in price. I paid €2 for this one […]