Cruiseday Tuesday – Birthday celebrations

Cruises are cruelly tagged as for the ‘overfed, newly wed and nearly dead.’ Which is an outdated view of life on the high seas, if ever it was really true in the first place. Cruises are popular, of course, with our senior surfers who will gladly return time after time. While they are great as […]

Cruiseday Tuesday – rivers of dreams

There’s an old Irish ballad which proffers that only the rivers run free. Not getting into that just now, but the gentle rippling of rivers do make us feel free. Life has stopped me from taking up the many invites to go on a river cruise but I shared my invitations by commissioning others. And […]

Cruiseday Tuesday: Rhine country

Cruiseday Tuesday: Rhine country — Read on River of dreams… sail away with your Travel Editor of the Year and Cruiseday Tuesday. Uniworld River Cruises in Rhineland, Royal Caribbean’s special allure and Princess Cruises and the Canaries.