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Happy Burns Day

If your love is like a red red rose.

Or if your best laid plans gang agley, even if you don’t agley much, then it’s because of Robert Burns.

Whose national day it is today.

The Scottish poet has been an inspiration.

From everyone from the Romantic Poets through JD Salinger to Bob Dylan and beyond.

Oh, there will be pipes

Burns is celebrated around the world, in equal measure in the USA and Russia as an everyman.

And all over the globe Burns fans will don kilts and tartan dresses.

It’s all theatre

Follow the ritual and theatre of the Address to the Haggis and sit back and enjoy the Toast to the Lassies and The Immortal Memory.

Hero: Robert Burns

Before dancing the night away with a ceilidh Scottish Country set dance.

All with whisky or uisce beatha (the water of life), of course.

Alloway is where it’s at

The best place to start with Burns is naturally his home village of Alloway, a National Heritage site.

Where you can see the grave of Burns’s father. Robert is buried in Dumfries.

The famous old cottage

The iconic Burns Cottage will pitch you back in time.

While learn more about the Great Man’s life at the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum

On a pedestal

Of course you know I’m of the Scottish variety and love little better than bigging up old Caledonia.

And getting dressed up in ma kiltie.

As here…

So for example did you know that the one hero is commemorated in every town in Scotland is Burns?

And here’s my favourite… Aberdeen – a light in the north.

Wherever you’re toasting the bard today though you’ll want to cry ‘To the Immortal Memory.’

And slainté!

Bandanas obligatory: With my pals at Holiday World

For everything on Scotland go to

And check out Aer Lingus and Ryanair for flights to Scotland.

And Stena if you want to take the ferry.

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