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Holiday World Snaps

I’ve been scooting around Holiday World in Dublin – quite literally.

And stopped off to see my friends from Topflight, the Italian specialists.

It is the quintessentially cool thing to do to ride a scooter in Italy… a la Roman Holiday.

As the organisers set up with this video.

And if you pop by the RDS today check it out and take part in the competition.

Driving a Classic Fiat 500 around the French Riviera is pretty cool too.

Only I got stopped from doing so on my trip to Cannes… find out why here The Boat D’Azur.

Does this car look big in me?

Now asking me to say which part of Italy I like best is like asking me to pick my favourite figlio.

But I’ll give you Puglia where Giotto painted his own ceiling which predates and tops the Sistine Chapel.

And Rome and the Lazio region with for Small roads lead to Rome.

Window to Sicily

Sicily was my first entry point into Italy on a day trip after I had got engaged in Malta.

And showing off, as I used to be prone to do, I ordered our meals in my schoolboy Italian from ten years before.

Only to get back a plate of cheese!

What about this Top Flight deal for Sicily which is on my radar this year?

Seven nights B&B at the 4* Hotel Ariston with return flights from Dublin for Saturday June 13.

With a saving of €100 which means the holiday is now €1,049.

Bella, bella!

Treated like a Celebrity

Even if you’re a Celebrity, or especially if you’re a Celebrity, you should treat everyone with class.

And that’s always the case with Celebrity Cruise with whom I sailed around the Bahamas.

On the inaugural voyage of the $1bn game-changing Celebrity Edge.

Social butterfly: On Edge

And here is Celebrity’s Head of Business Development Michael English who grabbed my hand warmly as I walked by.

Michael knows me of old and knows I love the Celebrity and cruise lifestyle.

So he was not in the least bit surprised to see me with cocktail in hand at 12noon.

Celebrity and has its 2020 cruises on sale.

With up to 75% off and today’s special starts from $499pp, departing March 30.

And if you want a further recommendation then let’s relive life on the palatial Edge… I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out To Here.


Come with me, Sir

All hiking aside, and I know I’m tempting fate here, but I’ve yet to be arrested in America.

Not when my cousin gave me the wheel before climbing out of his car onto his roof and back in the passenger seat.

When we were 16 in New York!

And here I’m going to take to the American highway for the first time since then this Spring in the Florida Keys.

Philly charged: At Holiday World with Philly’s finest

Not even when I picked a fight with a Colombian in a Boston YMCA four years later.

Or when I stood in the kerb, drink in hand in West Hollywood, last year.

Among too many other indiscretions in between.

Give us a bell: Philly

These guys though at Visit USA always look after me and they should be your first port of call.

And because my good pal Greg Evans who represents Philadelphia so finely for the British and Irish scribblers is here… for the beer.

American Holidays has Philadelphia and Las Vegas from €979pps.

Two nights Philly and five nights Vegas, travel in November.

And I’m sure I’ve told you…

That I proposed to a transvestite in Vegas and fell out with a bus driver en route to Philly… Strip… the light fantastic and Philadelphia Freedom.

I’m heading back to Vegas in May… so is it the same again, Cami?


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