They came from far and wide to the cable car station above Ehrwald to see this feat of lavatorial science.

The Austrians are like that, they like a loo joke and this revolving toilet seat is right up there.

On inspection the other loos didn’t have the blue button that activates it so I’d recommend arriving early so as not to be disappointed.

I’m afraid to say that I had nothing to deposit… I had still to line my tummy with Tirolean sausages.

And anyway I’d only gone in for a No.1.

Who am I kidding? I’d been tipped off about the local lav by a member of our party on our Topflight trip to Ehrwald

Not that you’d be left short had you just gone in for a pee.

The Tiroleans line the walls of the gents above the cubicles with wholesome and pigtailed young women.

In traditional and tight-fitting costumes.

One is holding a pretzel, another is holding four or five steins of lager.

I held my nerve.

And caught up with my party to climb some mountains.

What surprises could they have in store for me up there?

And here are some more musings about Ehrwald and neighbouring Bavaria.

Austrian toilet humour. And Water rip-off – a German pit stop. And Soll Mates.

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