Hungry and Thursday – barbecues

Barbecues or barbies, or braais. It’s outdoor eating, which being of the Scottish variety I only do abroaD.

We’ve got an old barbie rusting away in the shed, and frankly it all seems like a lot of bother.

To do yourself, which is why I let The Scary One

And yes, I know this is the one area where men become possessive and posturing about making the meal!

Austrians love their meat

I’m thinking barbies here in Austria as part of my Topflight http://www.topflight.ie walking and culture trip to Ehrwald, Austria, and also into Bavaria.

I’m eating the best Austrian lamb chops, beef sausages, steaks with chips and mixed veg. At the Sonneburg Hotel www.sonneburghotel.com.

In the apron of the Tirolian Alps http://ehrwald.tirol.gv.at.

First at the table on the Red Sea

Which beats on the sofa in front of the television at home, I grant you.

Now I’ve been lucky enough to pick away at many a chicken leg at friends and social functions.

There was good ole Southern fried chicken in Tennessee with grits. And how Elvis loved his Mamma’s cookin’… The King of Kings

And the best fish on the Red Sea, and I got first dibs because I was the first out of the sea Petra and the sands of time.

Straight in and straight out as the others snorkelled around looking for sunken planes and submarines.

But nothing has beaten the braai that I had in a township in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Watching the braai men feed the meat trays into the stone ovens while I talked to those who fought in the armed struggle.

And drank ourselves some beer. Day in the life of a township.

Fire ‘em up: In Port Elizabeth

And if you want to sample more South Africa… What’s new pussycat?

Throw another prawn on the braai, min!

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