Austrian toilet humour

‘I’ll be as long as I bloody well like’ or whatever the German is… perhaps ‘Achtung’.

One of the great myths is that German-speaking people have no sense of humour.

Along with Scottish people being mean.

I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know more of Germany and Austria these past couple of years.

I took in the German Travel Mart in Dresden and got der skinny from all the federations… Dresden’s renaissance.

While I lapped up Hamburg with relish… Hamburgers and ships.

While in Soll and Salzburg I learned about a hammer and nail game in a bar and much more besides… Soll Mates

They really do have a huge appetite for life and laughter particularly of the lavatorial kind.

As I’ve found out on my Topflight trip of Ehrwald… www.topflight.ie.

Why else would they have ‘fahrt’ at the end of every word?

And so to Helmut who was waiting for us as we took a toilet break at the end of a gruelling walk up the Tyrolean mountains.

He obviously had never heard of Bandanaman, well there are some mountain top outposts where word hasn’t reached them.

And how I opened a train platform toilet with my finger nail. I thought it was broken!!!

You want to see how the Greeks display their women’s and men’s loos

Thought you might.

And here are some Greek treats from my recent trip… Flyday Friday… avert a Greek tragedy.

But it’s Austria and Germany this week and if I can avoid Helmut then I’ll bring you more tales of their mountain folk.


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