My body is a map of the world

Travelling around the world can leave a lasting impression on you.

My squint nose is a result of me trying to break up a fight between two women at the Oktoberfest in Munich when I was a young buck.

I didn’t see where the punch came from but I swear it was from the Bayern Munich hunk of a boyfriend.

Top of the world: Austria

And I got a toboggan burn from sliding down a toboggan run sans toboggan in Kirchberg,

I blame the schnapps.

Now following the theory that what you can’t do when you’re 20 you’ve even less chance with at 53…

I tried to rectify that here in Ehrwald https://www.sonnenhang-ehrwald.at/en/zugspitze/z-ticket/ in the Austrian Tirol.

Where for a couple of euro courtesy of the Z ticket above which serves your other transport needs you can whizz down a toboggan run.

On your side…

Where’s my Mammy

The good news is that I can go back tomorrow and make good on it by showing my skills and bravado to my group.

And that it will match my scar on the other arm from years ago.

The bad news is it stings and I’ll have a scar on the other arm.

Now I’ve climbed a pretty big mountain today on this Topflight group http://www.topflight.ie.

And Reini, our guide tells us tomorrow’s will be twice as high.

What could possibly go wrong?

I’ll come clean and admit that I did try this old toboggan lark a couple of years ago with The Scary One in Soll.

And while she drove safely I went down full throttle with similar results.

Judge for yourself… Soll Mates.

And the Camino passes through everywhere. Above. A pilgrim’s prayer

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