Cruiseday Tuesday – pedalloes and fireworks

Come what may, April would be late or go in the wrong direction – she was delightlfully ditzy and I felt I had found my kindred spirit. April may have had an excuse on account of her diabetes which made her drowsy but she never used it as an excuse. It all came to a […]

Holiday snaps – TUI blue-sky thinking

I’ve always had a soft spot for TUI as they grew out of Thomson’s which had a newspaper arm, who gave me my first job and my first holiday discounts. TUI which gave us the dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s and putting us in the middle and is now branding a range […]

Cruiseday Tuesday – Scotland is Arctic

It can feel positively Arctic in Scotland so it should come as little surprise that Scotland is being billed as part of an Arctic cruise… with our old friends G Adventures. G Adventures will be hosting us tonight in Dublin to reveal more of their wares as part of their G Stock Live road […]

Holiday Snaps – Step this way to Tenerife

I’ve had more than my fair share of stick… and sticks. And stick about sticks. But I’ve become dependant on them, and not just because there are more rings on my trunk now. I do feel fitter now than I have done for some time and that is in large part down to the trekking […]

Cruiseday Tuesday – the Greek islands

There are 6,000 to pick from… so there’s no disgrace if someone mentions their Greek island which, of course, you’ve never heard of. We all know the well-known ones, Corfu, where 25 years ago next week Mrs M embarked on her life of joy (or marriage), Crete, Rhodes… I’ll throw in Kythera (keith-erra) which is […]

Holiday Snaps – Post-exam hols

I’m glad that’s all over – the Post-Leaving Cert holidays. By the time it got to my two the destinations had changed.., it was Lisbon and Amsterdam. For me and my buddies it was camping in the French Riviera. And, no, of course it wasn’t Cannes. But St Raphael. And yes, I’ve had to add […]

Holiday Snaps – Dog surfing, California

They’ve been in training all year for the big event, and it’s almost upon us – Surf City Surf Dog in Huntington Beach, Southern California. This is where Bono, the Brazilian labrador made his name (I never did hear if he also wore shades). And the pupparazi will be at Surf City Surf Dog in […]

Holiday Snaps

Start spreading the news… New York is more than just the city, although what a city! So start spreading out to New York State and start to discover its many charms. Our friends at New York State who are never strangers and regularly come to see us in Dublin were in town again to share […]

Cruiseday Tuesday: Bahamian Rhapsody

Cruiseday Tuesday: Bahamian Rhapsody — Read on When Serena Williams called me from the Bahamas… it’s Cruiseday Tuesday with your Travel Editor of the Year.

Cruiseday Tuesday: Bahamian Rhapsody

It’s not every day you get a call from Serena Williams. My mid-afternoon slumber was disturbed when Serena phoned me from the Bahamas a couple of years ago. Such is the life of an international globetrotting Travel Editor! This Serena though was not the tennis superstar as she acknowledges in her emails after her name […]