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Mum’s the world

Like us all my mum’s the world to me not just today on Mothering Sunday but every day.

Being of the Irish variety travel is in the genes for 94-year-young Teasy.

And she has set foot on every continent on Earth apart from the icy one at the bottom.

China in your hands: The Great Wall

Teasy’s travels really began in earnest when she empty-nested.

And a Saga played out across Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

With the over-50s holiday specialists who had shown their wisdom by employing a willing young man back in the day in Aberdeen.

Camel ye

One hump or two: Mum on her camel

Teasy, of course, sharing the love of the craic, would always be front and centre of any group.

Nor would she flinch from any adventure, whether a camel ride or a helicopter trip above Mount Everest.

My more cautious Dear Old Dad would often sit out the more daring excursions.

Fancy dress: On honeymoon in Germany

But Teasy’s enthusiasm rubbed off on him as it did us all.

She had been bringing him out of himself from when they first met in their 20s.

Whether it be climbing hill or glen in the old Irish homestead.

Or playing dress-up on their honeymoon holiday trip to France and Germany.

Then there was three then two

Beach time: With Mum and Dad

Of course there were the family holidays too and being the baby of the family that meant the three of us after my brothers grew up.

And after my Dear Old Dad had taken his final trip meet-ups on our beloved Ireland.

Where are the flowers? An early card

And an unforgettable adventure in the New World in New York for a family world.

Where of course she was in her element with her brothers’ family.

Yes to all mothers from all the children all the love because mum’s the world.


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