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Hollywood hop

The only running I did in West Hollywood/Beverly Hills was to the loo with a 24-hour bug when all the time my pals were on a Hollywood hop.

I may have missed out on that but got to do so much more in LA in what I affectionately call My Weekend with Marilyn

Purple reigns

And you can too as well as have a trek of your own on an Urban Running experience in LA with the Peninsula Beverly Hills Hotel.

In the running

Beverly Hills tops

Intriguingly they say you’ll run through LA’s ‘dense city taking in some of the sightseeing highlights before venturing into the lesser-known mountain terrain….

‘And LA hiking trails spanning from the ocean in Malibu to Hollywood and beyond.’

Wellness coach Steve Jordan will help you raise your sensory awareness and experience deeper self-awareness. From $655 a night. Our kind of Hollywood hop!

Of course for all their outdoorsy and healthy vibe Angelenos love their cars… well, you try getting around this mini-country without one.

California drivin’

We’ll have fun, fun, fun

The Peninsula Beverly Hills know it too.

And they offer guests staying two or more nights a one-day coastal road trip experience through Southern California wine country to Pismo Beach for a drive on the sand.

You’ll then take a vineyard tour and lunch at the Tolosa Winery and lap up their farm-to-table lunch and wine pairing.

An absolute angel

Phew! No, you’re not finished there. You’ll leave your Culinan behind and transfer to the airport for a 45-minute flight to LA where a driver will be waiting to take you back to the hotel.

Where, of course there is a swathe of luxuries waiting for you. La La La.

Chef’s special

Now this is top end but you deserve it It’s $8,600 for up to four guests with a healthy breakfast and picnic lunch by chef David Codney with wine pairings.

Ratees at the Peninsula Beverly Hills as stated earlier. 

So whether you’re in the running in Beverly Hills or want to go California Drivin’ then make sure you use the Peninsula as your starting point.


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