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The day Travel fought back exceptionally

This was the day Travel fought back exceptionally.

I have discovered since returning to the UK last year after 13 years in Ireland that a sinister exceptionalism, dressed up as nationalism, stalks the island.

Our clarion call

Get on board

Britain wants to be treated as an exception in the world from the continent in which the Ice Age determined it must lie.

And within that island its northern part is claiming that it should be treated as an exception.

On account of it having voted against Brexit.

Day of action

Spell it out

Scotland, meanwhile, is caught up in knots.

Because it had voted to stick with England not long before the Brexit referendum.

The separatists want now to reverse that poll which they put down to dirty tricks and misinformation…

Much like an offside goal at the Euros.

They hope that a second referendum which would be in the gift of an anti-vote Boris Johnson.

To free them from the UK.

They want to open the doors to readmission to the EU if only Spain fearful of Catalonian secession would remove their veto.

People power

United front

Yes, I know what you’re thinking…

Is this not a Travel site, and not

Quite right. Only that British exceptionalism is stopping us travelling while the land I left, European Ireland can.

So while the EU prepare to roll out its vaccine passport the UK pushes back its Freedom Day.

Scotland stand up


We’re going into next month, a Freedom which doesn’t contain any such document.

Those of us of a Scottish variety must wait until August.

Only then can we enjoy what we once claimed could never be taken from us… our Freedom.

As is the way with a controlling figure we are being seduced with the offer of something shiny.

To keep us happy in the meantime.

Hail Malta and the Balearics

Malta solitude

Malta and the Balearics are being floated to be put on the Green List.

As welcome as that is we are particularly sore about this.

Because this is one situation where we promote exceptionalism.

We have long been advocating that there should be a special case made for the Spanish Islands.

And Tenerife too

So what about the Canaries? And the Greek islands?

For now, of course, our Travel sector must keep pressing our case.

Real freedoms for our exceptional Travel professionals and customers.

Yesterday was just the start, the day Travel fought back exceptionally.









Our Love Island – what’s yours?

The fact that the Love Islanders never get out of their bed, or each others, in Ibiza says it all about them.

La Isla Blanca (Ibiza) and the Balearic Islands, Majorca, Menorca and Fuerteventura are more, of course, than chavs and raves.

I’ve savoured all the islands and revisit whenever I get the chance.

I would of course though like to get my Valentine out there on my own without the family.

And when I do I will definitely get her on the pedalos by Soller in the north of the island where the Brits never go.

The family’s designated driver she’ll not go careening towards mine which my ditzy colleague did way back then.

Each of course are perennial favourites with us British.

And each have their own identity if only you escape your own tribe.

Magical Majorca

And there are gentler slides too

Majorca: The best thing about Magaluf is the road out and you really don’t have to go that far to arrive at more exclusive and less Britified Majorca.

You know you really don’t want to be eating a full English breakfast wtih a pint of lager under the beating heat with your top off, men! And watching Del Boy on the telly.

You’re better getting along to the nearby Western Water Park.

But watch out for the the salmon-pink Brits making a big splash and dousing you and your young lad just coming off The Beast.

Menorca rocker

Pour me another

And one from my childhood here where my parents got on board the fashion for all things Balearic back in the 70s.

And while they topped up on their tans and made friends with people from their own neck of the woods in I did my bit for international relations.

I had not a word of German but befriended Uwe over games of sand bowls on our Menorca beach.

Being German I think he beat me in a sudden-death shoot-off.

Viva Ibiza

The White Island

The sun must have got to my folks because they allowed me a freedom in the Balearics that they would never ever sanction at home in Scotland.

And that meant allowing me a half a glass of vino in Ibiza.

Pepe, the waiter from Seville who worked in Portinax , topped it up a little bit more!

Ole, ole, ole, ole!

Open wide in Fuerteventura

Take a trip out on a wine boat

Now I blame those very same parents, just like Philip Larkin did, for my drinking habits on those early Thomson, now TUI holidays.

My Dear Old Dad love the exoticism of ordering a Cuba Libre (a rum and coke to you and me) from the beach shack.

And they were changed days as I would be sent to collect them. I would always ask for an Orangina which had specks of actual orange and came in a funky bottle.

And that took the edge off this nine-year-old’s sore head from the previous day’s outing on the boat to Fuerteventura, something a bit like this.

Find out first if they’ve got a porron.. and this is how you do it.

Although Mum knew that already despite never having seen a porron before. She is from Ireland after all where every drop of alchohol is saced!

So where is your Love Island… let me know and we’ll share.