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The Irish Dogfather and other world tails

And because our four-legged friends need a holiday too, today we’re flagging up The Irish Dogfather and other world tails.

The Irish Dogfather is every Irish pooch owner’s saviour when they put their minds to a vacation.

And because Rob Walshe and his team know many doggies are home buddies, or home puppies if you will, they will come to your Canine Towers.

Barking from home

Make my Ray: Rob with presenter Ray D’Arcy.

And all for €50, while if your dog is a peregrinating pooch then you can pack their toys and send them around to Dub Rob’s team for €30.

Now what to do with your pet is a very live challenge for holidaymakers which we all recognise.

Rob’s home: A doggie’s favourite place

Our own little bundle of fun Celtic (as in the race) the Cat was an independent wee soul.

And we dare say he would have been able to look after himself.

And miaowing too

Lip-lickin’ good: The cat hospitality service

Our biggest fear was that another family would have fallen in love with him and taken him in when we were away.

And so we would end up sending him away to a cattery which, professional though it was, wasn’t home, or somebody’s home.

Times have changed and now we have cat sitters who will come and stay, allowing you to get away.

We fell upon the catchy Cat in a Flat service where you can book a catty carer from £15 a night.

Lottie’s guide

Bark and breakfast: Lottie’s dog guide

Or you could, of course, take your dogs on holiday with you.

And again there’s help on hand with an English travel colleague from American Travel Fair days, Lottie Gross.

The award-winning writer has brought out a comprehensive, personal and entertaining guide on all things doggie.

With her Dog-friendly Weekend Guides.

We are nations of dog-lovers and have been moving towards getting the hospitality in place which puts our pets first.

So good luck to the Irish Dogfather and other world tails.










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