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DubLynott City

You know when something new feels comfortingly old like Thin Lizzy’s frontman’s statue in DubLynott City.

Phil Lynott‘s statue outside Bruxelles bar on Harry Street has as much pride of place in the Fair City.

As Daniel O’Connell, Charles Stewart Parnell or Jim Larkin.

Boys are back in town: With Paul

But it has only stood, or in Phil’s case slouched, off artsy hub Grafton Street since this week seventeen years ago.

Little did I know that the following year I would embark on a 13-year adventure in the land of my mother and chronicle it with a host of visitors.

At Phil’s statue outside Bruxelles… and grab a Guinness in his memory.

The pint of Guinness

My Sarah: The Scary One and friends

The Irish rock pioneer famously telling Billy Connolly that that was his drink because it was black and white and Irish.

The truth was that Jack Daniel’s was more his drink.

And his mother Philomena who fell for a Brazilian sailor told the bold Billy, his pal, that she goes to his graveyard.

And tells him off for being a naughty boy.

Encore: With Al and Phil

Phil is still adored in his hometown where he is twice blessed…

He first got a statue and second a complimentary nickname for that plinth… the Ace with the Bass.

Not all of those who have been given their own platform have been as fortunate.

And so a rundown of those larger-than-life figures with their alternative monikers.

The girl is so pretty

The Trollop with the Scallops: Molly

The Tart with the Cart: Or the Dolly with the Trolley as she’s also known.

Of course as sweet as she’s made out Molly Malone plied the oldest profession in the world.

She should probably frequent Leeson Street then but was at the foot of Grafton Street until she was moved on.

No, not by the Gardai but to lay the Luas tram track.

And can now be found outside the Tourism Information Office on Suffolk Street.

The joys of James

Bloomin’ eck: James Joyce

The Prick with the Stick: The grounded Dubs are famously unimpressed by achievements.

And it doesn’t matter if you have written the most innovative and inventive book of your age you still get the treatment.

Mind you, you suspect that Joyce would have seen the funny side of having his statue on North Earl street compared thus.

Wilde one

And the Oscar goes to: Wilde

The Queer with the Leer: And maybe one that doesn’t stand up to today’s Woke World.

But again we reckon Oscar Wilde would laugh.

Oscar reclines in his green velvet jacket on a rock in Merrion Square across from his childhood home.

Simply done, there is a glass panel of his famous sayings.

And yes, Oscar, you’ll be pleased, we are all still talking about you.

Paddy takes a seat

Bench boy: Patrick Kavanagh

The crank on the bank: And, yes, it could have been worse so maybe Patrick Kavanagh won’t be spinning in his grave.

Of course while we associate Patrick Kavanagh with Raglan Road and also Grafton Street, he hails from the Midlands.

And if you’re inspired to find out more about the poet then Monaghan on the border is where to go and you’ll be sold on him too.

Kelly’s aye-aye

Sitting twiddling: Luke Kelly

???? ???? ????: And here’s one for all you Bandanini and Bandanettes out there to help me to honour Luke Kelly.

With the best I can do the Pisshead in the Bighead.

Curl power: Luke Kelly

In typical Irish style the legendary Dubliners singer has not one but two statues to him because of a mix-up.

But if anybody is to have such status we say the frontman for the most famous trad band of them all should be that man.





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