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San Antonio is not my first rodeo

San Antonio is not my first rodeo and God willing it won’t be my last American Travel Fair so gracias Texas, it’s been excelente.

And as I while away the time in San Antonio airport I’m relieved, as always, that I managed to stay on.

Buckin’ hell: The electronic one in Denver

It probably helps that my bull this time was plastic but I’m taking that as a victory anyway.

Particularly after the ignominy of my feeble efforts out West to stay on the electronic bull inside Denver Broncos’ Mile High Stadium.

With my fall being relayed to everyone in the stadium on the big screen.

More action

But then they do say in showbiz you should always leave the audience wanting more.

We could all do with more of the type of entertainment and experiences San Antonio has to offer.

And the lasso artist twirling his rope as we entered Alamo Plaza was certainly giving us that.

We’d been here before with lassoing albeit under very different circumstances.

Good ol’ Southern Boys

When we witnessed a Good Ol’ Southern Boy in the bar where we were eating, lassoing along with the action on the screen.

And while we’re talking about southern boys a shout-out to the musical acts which have been entertaining us all week.

And in particular the cowboys, Bryce Leatherwood at the Aztec Theatre and Dierks Bentley.

Both of whom brought the house down.

See y’all next year y’all

Fame is the spur: Texas rodeo

Now as I make my way back across three flights I’ll console myself with the knowledge that San Antonio is not my first rodeo.

And the beauty of the American Travel Fair is that you meet people who will tell you where you can get your next rodeo.

And that’ll be Let’s Rodeo San Antonio where the crackers (that’s Texan for cowboys) will be riding out from next February 8-25.

Here’s a glimpse of this year’s action… so see y’all next year y’all.


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