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The Alamo is one to remember

It doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well, the Mission San Antonio de Valero, but the Alamo is one to remember.

The heroic last stand by William Travis, Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett et al is now a shrine in the city that has built up around it in Texas.

Flying the flag: The foreign nationals who fought at the Alamo

And a hobby horse of Phil Collins (yes, that one) who has curated the biggest collection of artefacts.

From the 1836 battle between the Mexicans and Texans.

And donated it to the city of San Antonio.

We are in hallowed company the night we visit, the closing party for the American Travel Fair, the IPW.

Getting your Phil

To baldly go: Phil Collins

Alas not Cowboy Collins but someone from the other side, the great, great something or other son of General Sant Anna.

Who just happens to be in our party being guided around the old church and the spanking new museum.

Sant Anna looms large over the Alamo, as does Travis, Crockett and Bowie, the latter who spent the battle in bed.

Not because he was lazy or cowardly, anything but because he had been struck down ill.

And went down maybe not with his boots on but shooting from his bed.

Plaza dazzler

Heroes: The Alamo Cenotaph

The Alamo Plaza Historic District houses all things Mission San Antonio de Valero.

And all pilgrims which means tonight the couple of thousand delegates from our fair.

Paying homage to those Alamo heroes you’d hope around the beautifully-carved Cenotaph.

And also eating meaty barbecue Texan treats, craft beers and Margaritas from the stalls that have been erected for us.

From all around Texas, Corpus Christie, Houston, Dallas and all points in between.

And listening to the best Country and Southern Rock.

Lone star of the show

In Texas where everything is bigger they fill the night sky with symbols of the Lone Star State.

A rodeo rider, map outline of the nation’s second biggest state, guitar, barbecue sausage and Margarita among other delights.

While down on ground level we channel our own Bucking Broncos on a life-size model.

I smile when asked to fill out an indemnity form before climbing on Bully.

Before being stopped as I approach the Alamo by a dapper Texas ranger who alerts me that my calf is leaking blood.

War wounds

Bucking ‘eck: Channeling my inner Texan

I am donning my Davy Crockett raccoon hat I bought earlier on the River Walk.

I feel heroic with my battle wounds and can share with y’all…

The Alamo is one to remember.

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