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The home Rangers are on top of the baseball world

They’ll be breaking out the Shiner Bock beer down Arlington, Texas way… the home Rangers are on top of the baseball world.

And for the first time too as the Texas Rangers, who play their games in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth conurbation, at last emerged.

From the two-time winning Houston Astros‘ shadow.

To win their first world series with a romp against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

And most importantly keep the World Series in Texas.

The South Rises

Life’s a pitch: Texas Rangers

Now, those of who see Texas as a football state would be right.

With the storied Dallas Cowboys having lifted the SuperBowl five times… never mind the religion that is college football.

But there has been a geographical switch in American sport in recent years.

With Southern states challenging and bursting down the door of northern dominance in baseball and ice hockey.

The Lone State back-to-back World Series victories come after Atlanta Braves beat the Astros in another all-southern showdown.

Ice one

Puck stops here: Just get some ice

And heck when the South rises again in ice hockey when there’s never any ice in the sunny states then you know that the world is turning on its axis.

Texas’s own Dallas Stars have been recent Stanley Cup finalists while Tampa Bay Lightning have made three of the last four finals.

And Florida Panthers got to this year’s final only to be beaten by the Vegas Golden Knights, a snub to the north with Sin City being deep in the West.

Which only leaves basketball as the outlier with the San Antonio Spurs who went through their tricks for us this summer in Alamo City..

The Houston Rockets and the Dallas Mavericks carrying the hoop dreams of the state.

The Homer Star State

Horn of plenty: So, when in Texas

All of which tour around the world of Texan sport drives home how games are central to the Texan experience.

So that when you get out there take in a game, any game.

Get down to Arlington where the home Rangers are on top of the baseball world.

Watch the rodeo or have a go yourself.

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