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Cayman feel the Thames

Cayman feel the Thames they said and we’ll bring you the world.

The world being the World Travel Market at ExCel in London Docklands.

And we’d be going in style… by the river barge Will, and then cable car over to the other side of London Docklands.

Brunch? Well, seeing our Caribbean chums are hosting this’ll be of the liquid variety.

Which means Mixologist Maya’s creations.

Maya is a mover and shaker all right… when she’s not creating cocktails she’s ripping it up on the Soca circuit back in the Cayman Islands.

All of which comes in handy for their three (count them) carnivals.

Turtley cool carnival

Shell life: Our turtle pals

Batabano which gets the ball rolling in George Town in May is a celebration of Caymanian life… turtle life.

After all they were here long before any of us and keep coming back to nest and leave their imprints in the sand.

Which in the local tongue is Batabano.

Watch out for Mudslides

Maya heroine: Bandanaman, Maya & Laura

I get my tongue around the Seaside Sip, a variation on the Hot Toddy and welcoming in the autumn breeze up on deck.

The sip being is a Seven Seas rum base with fever-grass tea, thyme-infused honey and a hint of zesty lemon juice.

Warmed by your first Seaside Sip it would be rude, of course, not to accept our hosts’ offer of their take on Caymanian staple, the Mudslide.

The Shots Fired blends Gun Bay vodka, made on the island, almond milk, Caymanian coffee and a chocolate syrup.

It’s strong, so that’ll be the recoil you’ll feel.

Your captain speaking

Boat comes in: Will

Nor are they the only shots offered on Will with the crew offering clay pigeon outings too.

Though wisely as we were well into the cocktails by now, they didn’t put any rifles in our hands.

Although the captain did allow me to steer the wheel… for show you understand.

Cable talk: The Thames Cable Car

As even the Thames isn’t wide enough for my driving even before I hit the cocktails.

So the invitation to Cayman feel the Thames accepted and delivered it’s full steam ahead to a day of appointments.

I’m just careful of breathing too closely to the exhibitors for fear of knocking them out.





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