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Joel has the whole world in his hands

You know when you’ve been greeted with the warmest shake in cricket… Joel ‘Big Bird’ Garner has the whole world in his hands.

Even when a cheeky Scot asks him how the once impregnable West Indies could have lost to Scotland.

And would it not be better if he and his fellow Bajan Collis King here at the World Travel Market in London got their whites back on?

All-rounder Collis has, in truth, never stopped, still turning out at 72!

Take a seat

Hand it to them: King, Murty and Garner

The two cricketing legends are sat at the booth in the Barbados section of the World Travel Market at the Excel in London Docklands.

And they are telling me that the problem with West Indian cricket is the administrators.

Weeding out global warming

Chez Ri-Ri: At Rihanna’s house

The Minister for Tourism, the Hon. Ian Gooding-Edghill has shaken me warmly by the hand and congratulated Scotland on that famous win.

We have shared cricket memories (he has naturally more) and I am reminded how accessible and chilled Bajan politicians are.

And how I met his predecessor at the Kennington Oval and the minister dressed up in casual Bermuda top and shorts.

Bajans can pull off the look in a way British politicians just can’t… Rishi Sunak just with his sleeves rolled up is enough to make you dizzy.

Pleasantries aside I have come to ask the Minister how Barbados is addressing the unwelcome build-up of seaweed on its shores.

Something that had taken me by surprise when I last visited last year for the Barbados Celtic Festival.

The big Bajan clean-up

Ruby do: With Ruby in Barbados

The Minister has a novel interview manner, actually answering the question, in a way that will never take on in Britain.

He tells me that the problem abates at this time of the year.

But that the government and the hotel and hospitality industry are committed to cleaning up the shores.

To make sure that we all enjoy the Bajan experience and its golden beaches and sapphire sea.

In with the Bajan bricks

That’s me: On the wall

I have taken up more than my fair share of the Minister’s time.

And probably exhausted their patience… so I lap up the Cou Cou (Ruby taught me how in Club Barbados).

So it’s probably best I didn’t suggest to Joel that his giant hands would be major benefits in scooping up seaweed.

And then truly I could say Joel has the whole world in his hands.

You see, ever since I found my name ‘Murty’ next to Rihanna ‘Fenty’ on the Building Wall of Barbados I think I am in with the Bajan bricks.


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