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Washington Rotunda – out of the many one

E Pluribus Unum – ‘out of the many one’ is etched into the Rotunda frieze of the US Capitol.

Not that the Mob who stormed it would know nor care.

The motto was first voiced in American political circles in 1776 by Pierre Eugene du Simitiere, but clearly originated from Classical times.

And it has endured as a mission statement since those days when out of the 13 colonies became one United States.

Higher things: The Rotunda

Land of the coup

The Revolution has been hijacked by the ‘Stop the Steal’ Lobby since Joe Biden’s November victory.

With the iconic painting of George Washington Crossing the Delaware and the election result used as a rallying poster.

Their argument is that Washington and the troops on his rafts that Christmas Day flouted authority.

They refused quarantine and took down the greatest army of its day.

No place like dome/ The US Capitol

Oh, yes, and they had God on their side too.

The Rotunda has become a sacred place for all Americans..

Lincoln and Kennedy’s bodies lay in state here so the public could pay tribute.

While just last year Civil Rights activist John Lewis and Women’s Rights champion Ruth Bader Ginsburg were each given the honour.


The Rotunda clearly resonates with Americans and visitors to the US Capitol.

Washington legacy

The Apotheosis of Washington, finished at the end of the Civil War, places the first US President in a Classical frieze setting.

But while he is the centre-point in the Rotunda of the parliament.

In the city that bears his name it is significant to consider another who shares equal billing in the Rotunda.

That American is Pocahontas, a First Nation heroine of the peoples who inhabited this land first.

In the Frame: Part of the American Story

The Land of the Free has become The Land of the Flawed this past troubled year.

But at its heart and in the sentiments displayed around the Rotunda and who it memorialises from its history and its present lies hope.

Motto of hope

That E Pluribus Unum, out of the many one, and that ‘many’ is the majority which voted in the ‘one’, the President Elect Joe Biden.

The correct, proper and dignified way to visit the US Capitol is not by kicking down doors and parading Confederate flags but on the official tour.

While the beauty of Washington DC itself is that you can walk through American history on its streets and Smithsonian Museums.


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