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Berlin Wall what it’s gut for?

Berlin Wall what it’s gut for? Absolutely everything, say it again.

And a piece of the wall now has pride of place on a magnet on the fridge from Daddy’s Little Girl.

It sits next in alphabetical order to Belfast which still has a dividing line between opposites.

Now whether my brick of the wall is authentic hardly matters.

It’s what it symbolises. and if it keeps a kerching vendor in business…

A wall of history

Fridge magnate: How I’ve chronicled our travels

The Wall, of course, stood for 28 years, before Berliners scaled it and smashed it.

And it has been scattered to the four corners of the world.

And all across America where Ronald Reagan had famously charged Mikhael Gorbachev to ‘tear down this wall’.

The best place to see the Wall is, of course, in Berlin.

Kiss off: Brezhnev and Honicker

And our little mole who has been scurrying through the German capital these past few days has seen it wherever she goes.

Well, we knew already that it’s at Checkpoint Charlie, but did you know about the section at the northern edge of the St Hedwig Cemetery.

And at the Invalid Cemetery.

As well as along the Flutgraben Channel where you can also see the Schlesischer Busch watch tower.

The longest extant section of the Wall runs for 1.3 kilometres along the River Spree.

Gallery of rogues

Glass act: Laurie and a German drinking vessel (empty, of course)

In 1990, after the Wall had ceased to be functional, the eastern side of the wall was painted by 118 artists from 21 countries, resulting in the longest open air gallery in the world.

So head out to the East Side Gallery on Mühlenstraße 3-100, Friedrichshain.

Of course, Berlin has the Wall, and much, much more and Daddy’s Little Girl has been exhorting us to go back out there with her in the future.

But she’s sleeping off the jet lag and partying and is drip-feeding us her tales and Berlin Wall what it’s gut for? 




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