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Football roads lead to Qatar

Football roads lead to Qatar this winter for my wee Scotland although the rest of the world wants Ukraine to win the play-off.

So there might be something about the old Jim Bowen Bullseye line ‘come and have a look at what you could have won’ about Qatar’s latest literature.

Sheikh on it: The Qatar World Cup

Only the Emirates state isn’t just for the World Cup… it can be enjoyed all year around.

Particularly with the sun-splitting temperatures.

Qatar kick-off

Football crazy: Qatar

The Al Bayt Stadium in the north of the country is where the action will kick off in December.

An oil city, but much more… the Ain Hleetan Well and the Al Khor Towers, the Thakira Mangroves, Purple Island and Al Farkiah Beach.

And last, but not least, the Al Khor Park and Zoo.

We’re going to Qatar: Scotland

Talking about all God’s creatures then you probably associate Qatar more with sand dwellers.

But Qatar is home to one of the largest whale sharks aggregations in the entire world.

White sharks

Spot the whale shark: Around Qatar

Now God may have had made us all but he left us to name them… hence the at first confusing whale sharks.

Our Qatari friends helpfully show us how to identify them.

They display distinctly dotted patterns.

Every day’s a school day

Fly high: Qatar’s locals

And the migratory phenomenon is a must-witness marine activity when in Qatar.

And even better news, although they have 300 tiny teeth they don’t eat us.

They prefer fish eggs and tiny plankton.

Whale sharks appear in schools of over 100-150 fishes at a time.

And the Tartan Army, Scotland’s football supporters, come in their hundreds of thousands.

So hopefully we’ll be there because football roads lead to Qatar.


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