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A year of the Barbados republic

And while my fellow Scots wallow in the nostalgia of their national day my focus is on a year of the Barbados republic.

Because this is the only Scotland, the Highland region of the Caribbean island, where the King doesn’t reign over us.

Back when he was only a prince last November, Charles wriggled uncomfortably as he had to give the island back to the Bajans.

St Andrew’s Day 2022 is a beacon of hope for what Scotland could be.

The Bajan march

The northern part of Britain and the southern Caribbean island have more than just the national day in comm

And depending on when you visit you might even see a clan of Bajan Scots come marching through Bridgetown.

The swirl of the pipes filling the hot Bajan air.

All for the Celtic Festival Barbados which this year runs from May 18-23.

And will likely include again the ceilidh rock band Bahookie who have become quite the fixture on the island.

Harbour delights

They will entertain you royally (or republicanally which I may just have invented) at the Harbour Lights Bajan cultural night.

And maybe you too can befriend them in the Coconut Court Beach Hotel.

They’re a lively bunch which you’ll get an early swatch of on the British Airways flight over.

With the Scottish band naturally being where the party is.

In with the bricks

Me-me and Ri-Ri

Of course when you land your favourite Travel blogger is where the party is…

He’s the one whose name is on the Building of Barbados Wall near to Rihanna.

And who you can find at a rum bar, or doing the Gay Gordons on the Boardwalk.

After sampling the best Scotch whiskies at a brands fair.

With the sun splitting the heavens in Barbados today at 28C why would you want to be a subject of the King in chilly Scotland.

When you could be limin’ and jumping and celebrating a year of the republic in Barbados.

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