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Dive into honeymoon St Lucia

It’s the first dip into marital waters and where better than if you take a dive into honeymoon St Lucia.

Splashing around in the water is one of the joys of your first holiday as a married couple.

When you’re floating on air and think you can walk on water.

But you end up swallowing half of the Aegean Sea… or whichever water you choose.

All of which you’re reminded of when you catch up with the old Caribbean friends you have met over the years.

And they dangle a competition over your head if you’ve been paying attention and remember how many dive sites there are on the island.

Which one unambitious entrant (no, not me) had it pegged at just five.

Dip your toe in

Peak performance: The Pitons

There are, in fact, more than 22 on an island of 617 square kilometres.

And so you’ll near enough have the Caribbean or Atlantic waters to yourself.

Now it may be that your partner takes to the water like, well a water babe, and is a snorkelling natural.

All of which will mean your honeymoon will go off like a splash.

And it is guaranteed to in St Lucia which has been named the world’s leading honeymoon destination for the fifth year running.

Sanctum sanctuary

View to a thrill: The Sol Sanctum

Should you be ahead of us already you and your loved one might be in St Lucia now.

And if so you’ll witness a veritable fleet, of 200 boats, descend on the island.

With the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, the world’s biggest trans-ocean sailing event set to arrive on Sunday.

Helpfully, our St Lucian hosts recommend Sol Sanctum as their hotel of the month.

Sail away: The Atlantic Rally

Sol Sanctum is a multi-purpose wellness space.

It offers meditation, breathwork, yoga, pilates and tai chi classes as well as energy healing and other practices.

Sol Sanctum look Iin the heart of Rodney Bay Village in the north of the island is just five . minutes from Reduit Beach.

We found five days from January 15-19for $1,000.

I’ll live to regret that as someone angles after a second honeymoon.

If she sees me flagging up a dive into honeymoon St Lucia.



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