Make it snappy in Mauritius

IT’D be just the job for an award-winning photographer which is why she should make it snappy in Mauritius seeing that others are.

Travel snapper Richard James Taylor, for it is he, is only hosting a photo safari in Mauritius.

And that’ll mean plenty of white sandy beaches, stunning waterfalls, temples filled with history and luscious green landscapes.

Heritage Resorts, located in Bel Ombre in the preserved south of the island, is hosting the busman’s holiday from December 3-5.

Richard will be helping participants develop their photography skills.

Through guided sessions while exploring the beautiful landscapes of the area.

Throughout the three-day workshop he will share his top tips and advice.

On topics such as compositional technique, both on location and in workshops.

The group will be kept to 10 people to ensure everyone receives one-on-one advice.

And to give us a snapshot of what you can snap we’ve been sent these images of the island.

Park life

Trees company: Heritage Le Telfair Resort, Bel Ombre

Black River Gorges National Park: The largest national park in Mauritius covers 67.54 km² of land.

The park protects the island rainforest which is home to endangered bird species, boars, Macaque monkeys and deer.

And choose from any one of 60 kilometres of trails.

We love a rain forest from Tobago to Tenerife and we know a thing or two.

About cheeky monkeys too, so just watch they don’t whip your camera.

Splash hit

Water marvel: Heritage Le Telfair Resort, Bel Ombre

The Chamarel Waterfall: The Chamarel is set in the tropical forests of Black River Gorges National Park.

And is fed by two rivers, the St Denis and the Viande Salee.

The highest watefall in Mauritius at about 300ft it has a distinctive Jurassic feel to it.

The waterfall can be viewed at an upper and lower-level platform opposite.

Or you can take the hiking trail route to the top for the best views of this enchanting phenomenon.

Seven shades of sand

Life’s a beach Heritage Le Telfair Resort, Bel Ombre

Chamarel Seven Coloured Earth: Now we love a beach in all its shades and Mauritius has them all in the one place.

This nature reserve showcases stunning dunes made up of seven colours (red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple and yellow).

They were formed due to a rare confluence of volcanic activity.

And this brought several different elements together, each with their own distinct hue.

Mountain of Morne

Stunning: The Le Morne Brabant peninsula in the Black River Gorges National Park,

Le Morne: A peninsula situated at the extreme southwestern tip of Mauritius.

With an enormous monolith that reaches 1,824ft above sea level.

The peninsula is steeped in cultural myth and legend.

And in the early 19th century it served as a refuge for people who escaped slavery.

The mountain is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular hiking trail,.

And trekkers will be rewarded at the top with panoramic views of the clear blue ocean and coral reef.

Everything in the garden

Lovely lilies: The Southern Hemisphere’s biggest botanical gardens

Pamplemousses Botanic Gardens: They’re only the oldest Botanic Gardens in the Southern Hemisphere.

And its pride and joy is its giant water lilies that have an average diameter of 2 to 3 metres which covers a long rectangular pond.

We’re advised to follow the laid-out paths which lead to deer and giant tortoise.

And 85 varieties of palms including the Talipot Palm which only blooms every forty years. And a spice garden.

In the frame

Oarsome: Watersports

And our Mauritian friends have the very place for us all to say, Heritage Awali, an all-inclusive, affordable luxury and unforgettable family adventure in Bel Ombre.

A week’s stay including the 3-day photography workshop and accommodation based in a Deluxe Garden View room.

With economy flights and return private car transfers from £2618pp on a double occupancy basis.


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