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Russian Queen Catherine the Great

The joke is that Helen Mirren will keep her clothes on if the part absolutely demands it… that part Russian Queen Catherine the Great.

The ubiquitous Miss Mirren can be seen most recently on our small screens in the bodice-ripper Catherine the Great on Sky.

You can view Cathy’s bessie pal Countess Pravskova (Gina McKee) giving her fella Grigory Potemkin (Jason Clarke) a helping hand at the opera.

The style of it: Helen Mirren as Catherine

And a bit later on there’s the excitement o her secretary taking down more than a letter in the Empress’s quarters.

Grand old lady

Cathy though, and by definition Helen, stays decent for any hanksy-pansky.

Well, she is a grand old lady now of 74 years.

So, why am I telling you all of this? It’s because I have a St Petersburg offer up my cuffs.

You damcer
Courtesy of our friends at the Irish Travel Agents Association I bring you… St.Petersburg Guided Tour, 3 nights, November 2019 – March 2020, from €699pp.

Now St Petersburg is a great place to start if you’re a Catherineophile (I made that word up).

Peter’s city

Hello lover: Catherine the Romantic

Her predecessor Peter the Great (it seems to be a common surname for Russian royalty) founded the city in 1703.

And it is here that much of the nookie takes place in the TV series.

And where Catherine pops her clogskis. Sorry I hope I haven’t spoiled that for you.

Of course you’ll be wanting to see all that on your Travelescapes trip.
And you will, as the tour includes the Hermitage Museum and Catherine’s Palace.

And some British royals

King and Queen: Carole King

Don’t worry about bursting in on Catherine or Helen when they’re not decent.

The good lady always is these days.

You want some royalty… alas, I have yet to visit Russia.

Or walk in the footsteps of Russian Queen Catherine the Great.

But here’s a trip to the Tower of London.

And a lot of English and British monarchs, and weren’t they all related anyway.

I went to see them on a visit to see another queen, the queen of the Sixties and Seventies hit, Carole King.

That’s too many kings and queens, princes and princesses for one day, methinks.

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