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E’er The Twain in Vegas

As she famously pronounced in her twist on the Robert Palmer video the best thing about bein’ a woman
Is the prerogative to have a little fun… yes, it was E’er The Twain in Vegas.
And we agree to about oh, oh, oh, going totally crazy, forget I’m a lady, men’s shirts, short skirts, oh, oh, oh. Yes, man I feel like a woman.
Vegas, of course, is a time vortex where you can forget who you are for a while and channel your inner fantasy.

Whip you into shape

What happens in Vegas: With Cami
Which is what Cami from Utah was doing down in Harrah’s off the strip in Neon City.
Party people by the bar on bachelor parties were having shooters poured down their throats by barmaids.
While up on stage a burlesque cross-dressing band, The Whip-Its, were whip-crackin’ away and belting out the best Seventies and Eighties covers.
And we say, yeah, bring it on.

Shania’s journey

Oh, oh, oh, oh: Shania still rocks
Shania Twain is, of course, the Queen of Country Pop, and the great thing about Country is that it never forgets its stars.
The Canadian went stratospheric in the Nineties but Lyme’s disease, the loss of her voice (can you imagine?) and a marriage-go-round saw her disappear for 15 years.
She returned a more critically-acclaimed and considered choice than in her heyday.
Vegas, of course, had never forgotten her, just like they never forgot Ringo Starr or Marie Osmond.
Or anyone who shone brightest before but now is happy to just glisten.

Still the One

And on a theme: Female empowerment
Our friends at Cassidy Travel know as well as anybody how we all like to get our glad rags on and party with the Vegas set.

And they are offering a week in Nevada with Shania (56, really?) as the highlight.Travel on August 30 and take in the Shania concert on September 2 at the Zappos Theatre.

And all for under €1,000 (€969pp) which will give you €31 to bet on the tables.

Although maybe not ask me for craps tips.

As my attempts at rolling the dice, a la Ocean’s Eleven, ended with the cubes going over the table.

Hooray for Harrah’s

Whip it up: With the Whip-Its

The rounds were declared void and I was bestowed the nickname Hannibal.

You should also drop into Harrah’s or any of the Off Strip party bars and shake your stuff.

Drop into Cassidy Travel today or contact them on 01 8779853 to see a real singing superstar.

It’s just the way Neon City does it. Twas ‘E’er The Twain in Vegas.

Cassidy and Shania… now that impresses me much.

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