G-hee Galway Comedy Festival is here

It’s refreshing that there’s a country where you’re judged not by your wealth or privilege but by the craic and G-hee Galway Comedy Festival is here.

Now for every country we visit there is a guidebook on cultural differences and in Ireland the starting point is the craic.

Boiled down the craic means fun, news and entertainment which us Scots subscribe so much to that we came up with the phrase.

No matter that Scotland’s Bard Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott first used it and Paisley poet Ebenezer Picken wrote of ‘the friendly crack, the cheerfu’ sang’.

From crack to craic

Catch some Zzzzxs at the g

Or that the Northern Irish weavers, from where the Murtys derived before they relocated to Scotland, greeted each other with ‘what’s the craic?’

Or that the chatterati, among them the notable Irish commentator Kevin Myers, refer to it as ‘pseudo-gaelic’.

The change in spelling deriving from there being only 16 letters in Gaelic and no ‘k’.

Because language is a living thing and always evolving.

The scale of the craic

Just swimmingly: Let’s all pool together

And so you’ll be rated in modern-day Ireland by how much craic you are.

And if you’re ‘good craic’ then you’re on your way, with ‘mighty craic’ the ultimate target.

Though woe betide you if you’re ‘no craic at all’.

Of course parties are judged on the craic scale too.

And the maximum is 90 from the Dubliners song ‘The Craic was 90 in the Isle of Man’.

And we know too that it will be 90 too at the Galway Comedy Festival from October 25-31.

Tommy’s titterati

Hat’s the boy: Tommy Tiernan

When Tommy Tiernan, of Derry Girls fame, who we roared to the rafters over the Edinburgh Fringe, heading a stellar cast of comics.

Which includes Ardal O’Hanlon, Andrew Maxwell, Dylan Moran, Deirdre O’Kane, Reginald D Hunter, Rich Hall and Karl Spain.

Now for those who love a comedy festival but might feel Edinburgh is too chokka then Galway, where I spent many a childhood summer holiday, is the answer.

g it’s grand

Encore: The Galway Comedy Festival

And the g Hotel is where you’ll want to stay.

Treat yourself to two nights of luxury accommodation at Galway’s only five-star hotel, the g Hotel &Spa.

And enjoy a pre- dinner autumn cocktail in the signature lounge, followed by dinner in Restaurant gigi’s on one night of your choice.

A couple of days this month is from €145pps, including:

• Two nights luxury accommodation including cooked to order Irish breakfast

• Delicious Autumn pre-dinner cocktail in the g’s signature lounge

• 3 Course meal at the award-winningrestaurant gigi’s

• Complimentary BMW chauffeur car to the city (pre-booking essential)

• Complimentary parking.

A funny word

Ardal’s well that ends well: Father Dougal

It would, of course, be very puerile to draw attention to another colloquial meaning for ‘g’ in Ireland.

And helpfully that was pointed out to me early in my 13 years an Irishman, living and working there.

And no doubt the funnymen and women in the City of Tribes next week will make funnier references than me.

But because I can’t resist it my offering is… G-hee Galway Comedy Festival is here.


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