The ghost of Marilyn

Her candle might not have gone out long ago then, particularly in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel where it’s said you can still see the ghost of Marilyn.

And Marilyn being Marilyn you imagine her ghost would steal any Halloween show.

Mazza is around many an LA corner the year round anyway… whether looking out a window in Venice Beach.

Or gliding along Hollywood Boulevard or posing for a selfie at her star on the Walk of Fame.

While you can lie with her (or at least on her bench) at her final resting place, the Westwood Village Memorial Park & Mortuary.

The real Marilyn

Lying with Marilyn: In LA

But it you want to see the real thing then Marilyn has been hanging around the Hollywood Roosevelt for decades.

And, of course, she’s good for business.

After all who wouldn’t want to stay in a hotel where the world’s biggest-ever pin-up is a resident.

The story goes that you can see the reflection of Marilyn staring back at you.

As you sleep in the second-floor Cabana suite above the Tropicana Pool.

Suite: Fit for Marilyn

Where Marilyn did her first advertising shoot for suntan lotion on the diving board.

And the waitresses pay homage by wearing a version of her bathing suit.

The Cabana boasts a platform canopy bed nestled between padded white wall with a mirror-like black frame mounted on the ceiling.

Do not disturb

We’re all fans: Of Marilyn

A room attendant is said to have seen Marilyn staring back at her.

When she went into clean (the attendant that is and not the actress).

And that she left the room screaming.

Though not rough-tough Matthew McConaughey, who checked into the suite when he got his star in 2014.

The Cabana suite’s place in Hollywood history derives from it being the hotel where Marilyn first met Arthur Miller.

A crucible of celebrity if you will.

A creepy cast

Marilyn isn’t the only ghostly reminder of the Golden Age.

Visitors have also reported mysterious trumpet music believed to be the spirit of Montgomery Clift who liked to practice in suite 928.

The Roosevelt continues to be a hang-out for modern-day celebs who like to channel their inner Marilyns and Montgomerys.

And hope that they get a sprinkle of the magic dust bestowed by the first attendees at the Academy Awards in 1929.

You can book a Deluxe Room in the Tower in the Roosevelt, starting from $311 per night.

But if you want the Marilyn suite, overlooking the Tropicana Pool, we were quoted $800 a night.

And we were reminded too that when Clark Gable and Carole Lombard were carrying out their affair in the penthouse of the Roosevelt it cost them just $5 a night.

And that same suite today would cost you $6,000.

So if you want to revive the spirit of the ultimate sex symbol, then the Roosevelt is where to go to for the Ghost of Marilyn.

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