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Play with your food

And because dining at its best should always be an occasion then we’d always encourage you to play with your food.

Even better a play with your food such as that offered by TUI and the creative Canarians.

Who have flagged up their singing waiters at the 1920s-style theatre in Garbo’s in Bahia Feliz.

As one of the many draws for their packages to the dramatic island in the Canaries.

A Gran deal

And so they give us these options for a week’s winter getaway.

For 19 December, TUI Blue Playa Feliz, 4*, SC, from €749pps, €1,719 (2+1), €2,039 (2+2)

Or TUI Blue Orquídea, 4*, AI, from €1,069pps, €2,789 (2+1), €3,729 (2+2) for the same dates.

All of which is a lead-in to today’s topic.

As we look at how we play with the food around the world.

When in Rome

Cencio la Parolaccia, Rome: And the clue is in the title which you’ll know if you’ve been paying attention at your Italian class.

Which I was, and which is why I dragged la famiglia there to the institution in Trastevere.

To be cursed at by the waiters in this comedy dining show… though there’s nought funny about the costs.

A hooley show

Johnny Fox’s, Glencullen, Co. Dublin: And for the best hooley in Dublin head for the hills.

Where you’ll get the best fish, Guinness and Riverdancers.

And immerse yourself in an olde Ireland setting and learn folk and ditty songs to impress your friends with at home.

Oh, what a circus

Circus, London: Roll up, roll up for a spring roll and a show at this pan-Asian favourite in popular Covent Garden.

Sit yourself at the Stage Table for an ever-changing troupe.

Of fire-breathers, contortionists, hula-hoopers and gravity-defying aerialists.

Nowhere to Hyde

Jekyll and Hyde Club, New York: And it’s always helpful to have a little local knowledge.

And being part of the Scottish/Irish/American wave I’m fortunate to have cousins on the inside in the Big Apple.

Which is how we found ourselves in the Jekyll & Hyde Club with scary mounted talking heads.

And giggly big kids… and that was just us.

So, yes, the message is to play with your food and make a play out of your food.

Of course, you don’t always have to have singing and swearing waiters and waitresses.

As I found out when they made an animated farm to fork experience out of our food on Celebrity Edge.

Just go out there and be creative.

And sing for your supper.





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