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A toast to Aer Lingus’s new Brindisi route

It is one of those Irish idiosyncracies we all love when people clap when their flight lands… now add to that a toast to Aer Lingus’s new Brindisi route.

Brindisi, if you don’t know, is in Puglia, in the heel of Ireland’s boot.

The region best known for its distinctive conical shaped houses.

We love you Trulli

Ahead of the curve: Brindisi harbour

All of which are Trulli captivating (see what we did there).

So why are we toasting it today?

Well, our friends at Aer Lingus have alerted us to the (good) news.

That they have introduced Brindisi to their European roster for next year.

Along with Olbia in Sardinia and Greek island Kos, both of which have their many merits.

But because my largesse meant I commissioned one of our writers in my previous billet in Dublin.

To visit the trulli, my lead-in here is Puglia.


Cheers: La Traviata

Brindisi you might know too as a committed Italianophile is a drinking song.

The types you will hear should you have visited the institution that is La Parolaccia in Rome.

Where actor/waiters will insult you and pick on other Italians and their regional stereotypes.

Tis Grand: The Grand Opera

All of which is quite apt as the brindisi drinking song is a favourite for operas.

But, of course, being a cultivated audience you will recognise Brindisi from La Traviata.

Which, full disclosure, I didn’t but enjoyed to the full in Prague’s State Opera House.

Way to go Joe

No place like cone: A Puglia trullo

Giuseppe Verdi, or Joe Green as he would be in English, knew we’d imagine about Brindisi, both the drinking toasts and the town.

And that’s why he put a Brindisi in Act 1 Scene 1.

Where our heroine Violetta hosts a party, despite being very ill with tuberculosis, or consumption, its old term.

Violetta says: “I give myself to pleasure, since pleasure is the best medicine for my ills.” Fine girl you are.

Now with the perfect wine-growing climate.

And armed with this guide from Especially Puglia I can just see us channeling our inner Verdi.

And raising a toast to Aer Lingus’s new Brindisi route… before staggering back to our trullo.


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