Tuesday newsday

Summer is coming (see what they did there).

Yes, you can get your extra fix of Game of Thrones up north – and we have, or rather The Scary One dragged me up to Belfast, though I needed little persuasion – but you can do the GoT thing too… and soak up the sun in Dubrovnik.

Who can forget the Walk of Atonement, certainly not Cerse? The Apartments Matusko are just a 15-minute drive from The Jesuit Staircase.

Budget Travel http://www.budgettravel.ie/(01) 435 0024 has a five-night June Bank Holiday deal from 339 euro pp with flights and accommodation.

Dubrovnik’s West Harbour is stunning, yes, but to GoT fans it is much, much more than that as it is where Stannis’s fleet approached King Landing ahead of the Battle of Blackwater. Stay for five nights at the 4-star Villa Avantgarde. Depart June 2, prices from 409 euro pp.

Right, you’ll have to help me here as I’m still working my way through the box set (who am I kidding, the football’s on, but I will?) but you can visit Gradac Park, the set of the ‘Purple Wedding’ and be reminded of Joffrey’s death.

The Apartments Dubelj are just 15 minutes away. Depart May 30. Prices from 579 euro pp.