California screamin’… Day 1: West Hollywood

Telly or mini-bar? Mmmm…

Thwack! That’s the jet lag set in… 3.30am here and as the Beautiful People roll out of Rage and the Viper Rooms nightclubs in West Hollywood I’m bolt upright in bed watching trailers of Disney’s new Star Wars theme park attraction Galaxy’s Edge which I’ll road test for you while I’m here.

I’ve been good and left the Kimpton Le Peer mini-bar alone (or at least that’s my story) and might even take a dip in the inviting pool downstairs next to the bar. Visit

I’m going to the chapel and I’m going to…

I need to work off the octopus and Cabarnet from last night from the hotel restaurant… or this morning… I’m all out of sync but then I do need to make every second of La-La Land count.

Pride is around the corner, every corner, and that makes for a chilled, safe vibe for an early-morning stroll.

Beverly Hills is in the other direction. I need to get some cop-on. I overshoot La Peer Street, off Santa Monica Boulevard. And don’t the street names just sing to you?

I finally arrive back where an inviting pool awaits and I can build up an appetite for breakfast.

And you know what American breakfasts are like.

Now I hope we’re not doing any rollercoasters today!

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