At last, my man has come along

Well, when you’ve got it… flaunt it, bayyyybeee!

New York performing artist Cacophony Daniels nailed it (it, I say) in a side bar to the main Pride event at the American Travel Fair in Anaheim, California, last night.

While a younger (ouch!) DJ and dancers were shaking their stuff in the main venue Cacs, as I like to call her, was ‘working 9 to 5’ with a set of beautifully delivered numbers.

As exotic and colourful as my Pride Margarita, I got quite giddy on her.

And as the pictures show, I think somebody has a little crush on me.

And get who I met outside Breakfast with Las Vegas… Laura and Dani. http://www.lvcva.com.

And then lunch with Experience Kissimmee Florida http://www.experiencekissimmee.com. I don’t wanna go home.

For other grand dames I’ve met on the road follow these links.

Strip… the light fantastic

Rumba in Barbados

Can you work out who? I’m no good at these things. Is it Elton?

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