Cards on the table…

I may have lost the wife in a card game at Calico Saloon, Knott’s Berry Farm, Anaheim.

And judging by the hand Ivan, the dealer, opposite, gave me no wonder I lost.

Knott’s Berry Farm was the perfect ending to the American Travel Fair, IPW, with its Wild West and Olde America feel. And its rickety, wooden rollercoasters.

Of course, I let others corkscrew to their hearts’ content. I did do a dropdown, a gentler ride and a cart journey through an old gold mine.

Alas, it was all fools’ gold and I couldn’t get back in the game.

Instead the Sheriff threw me in the slammer after I’d pulled my Colt 45 from under my table… apparently you can’t have five aces in your hand.

If I get out I’ll see if they let me use Daddy’s Little Girl and The Son and Heir as collateral to win back the wife.


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