Flyday Friday

City of Angels

In the City of Angels it’s fitting that we arrive there from the skies.

And on our national airline carrier.

Now not everybody’s a good flyer. Evelyn is one such though there was little evidence of that as we shared tales as fellow writers.

Alas halfway into our 11-hour journey and returning from stretching my legs Evelyn asked me to take her bag, her sick bag.

The crew, including one stewardess who was gagging, were quick at hand to help her and get me relocated so she could have more space. And they called ahead at LAX Airport to get her wheelchair support.

Aer Lingus flies to LAX with pre-clearance.

If that’s on the long finger for you, Aer Lingus has 40% off hot destinations in Europe like Lanzarote and the Algarve. Sale ends Monday midnight.

Milan after a fashion

Jesus at The Last Supper: ‘What’s that bottle of cider, half a dozen cans and two bags of crisps doing on the table?

Peter: ‘Oh, that’s Judas’s carry out’.

For an alternative Last Supper scene Leo Da Vinci painted a pretty good one with all kinds of hidden messages if Dan Brown is to be believed.

It’s just one of the reasons why we flock to Milan… shopping is the other and The Scary One is always dropping hints.

Ryanair which flies to Milan is offering best deals on with a guide to talk you through the painting.

It’s a big year for Leo lovers with celebrations in Amboise in The Loire Valley in France where he died and Vinci near Florence in Italy from where he hails to mark his 500th anniversary.

Visit and and

Planet Jimmy

I’m often asked what life’s like on my planet!

Well, I don’t mind saying I do turn to Lonely Planet for guidance.

Did you know too that the name of the travel guide is an accidental detour from the Joe Cocker song Lovely World?

Which tangent brings us to the Lonely Planet competition.

It is offering the chance to win a £500 voucher to the European destination of your choice to mark the release of Lonely Planet’s Best In Europe 2019.

Slovakia’s Tatras win out for their waterfalls, alpine meadows and wildlife including brown bears and lynx.

Lonely Planet wants you to pick a destination and sum up its charms in 25 words.

For that and also to find out where your favourite is on the list see

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