Miss ya!

While The Donald… ‘the other one’ was over here I was over there.

So I hope you all looked after him and made sure there was plenty of Diet Coke and burgers laid on for him. It keeps him happy and his mouth occupied.

I feel that The Jimmy and The Donald’s journeys have been intertwined. I travelled out to Florida, always the touchstone State in US elections, through the night and arriving on the very morning that he was elected and he has been popping up on my travels ever since.

Bad light stops play: But not before The Donald caught me

He was obviously too busy to see me that day and sent his pal Goofy instead.

I was more surprised though to see him at the cricket in Barbados the following year. I would have thought that baseball would be more his style. And we do know that his preferred old bat of choice (and no, I don’t mean Melania) is a golf club.

No, he was there watching the West Indies face Pakistan and in a particularly slow day out in the field he joined us in our corporate box.

Making New York great again: Me and The Donald

He was back in more familiar surroundings, in his Native New York, the following year when I attended the annual American Travel Fair IPW http://www.ipw.com.

I had hotfooted it up from Washington DC and found him hustling for money for selfies in Times Square. It’s all about the Deal..

And then the last time our paths crossed was when he made an impromptu visit to the opening of the new Mississippi Museum and Museum of Civil Rights in Jackson, Mississippi.

The Donald was given a mixed greeting that day with some refusing to meet him as they believed his political views were marring the imminent commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Dr Martin Luther King’s death. while others, and not perhaps the demographic you might think decked themselves out in Trump regalia.

Of course whatever you think about The Donald there is one thing that makes him half-decent – he is half-Scottish.

And now that I’ve piqued your interest, here’s that little piece I did on Dr King from Memphis and Mississippi. https://jimmurtytraveltraveltravel.com/the-promised-land-martin-luther-king/

And the second part of the series on Bluesman B.B. King. https://jimmurtytraveltraveltravel.com/the-story-of-the-blues/(opens in a new tab)

And remember the best way to travel to Memphis and onward is with United Airlines http://www.united.com.


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Lets dance! I’ve waltzed with Judy Murray, partied with Brian Lara, manned the barricades with Civil Rights leader Myrlie Evers and even unmasked The Donald as a mariachi fan. Join me (and my bandana) on a madcap tour of the world with the people who make it all possible, our wonderful travel providers.

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