Promised you a miracle

I’ve got a list to take to Lourdes:

1 Scotland to qualify for the Euros (I’ll start with the hardest and row back).

2 Westlife to disband.

3 A big tanker to tow Love Island away.

4 With Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage on it.

5 The keys to the Laphroaig Distillery.

6 The winner at the show race at the Galway Races.

7 Rihanna’s phone number.

8 A job…

9 As Rihanna’s slave.

10 A good lawyer when The Scary One comes after me over the above.

Visit for flights to Lourdes and



Published by funtime65

Lets dance! I’ve waltzed with Judy Murray, partied with Brian Lara, manned the barricades with Civil Rights leader Myrlie Evers and even unmasked The Donald as a mariachi fan. Join me (and my bandana) on a madcap tour of the world with the people who make it all possible, our wonderful travel providers.

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