California yoga… it’s a stretch

California is all about good livin’ but it’s hard when you’re being wined, dined and partied as I was at the recent American Travel Fair, IPW. Our hosts knew it and put on yoga classes in the afternoon which none of our Irish party that I know of managed to attend.

Pity because they have a lot to offer so on this, International Yoga Day, I give you the definitive Califorian experience.

Kitten yoga in Santa Barbara

You want me to do what? Photo by Tranmautritam

Cat Therapy is Santa Barbara’s only cat cafe… but they want you pussies to work hard for your snacks.

There is a 60-minute gentle yoga and deep stretching class followed by a 30-minute cat cuddle session where participants can play and cuddle any remaining worries away.

The cost of the classes go towards helping rescued cats. Minimum contribution $10. Visit http://www.santabarbarbaraca.com and http://www.cattherapsb.com.

Who said Downward Dog? Scarper!

Paddleboard Yoga in Newport Beach

Come in, the water’s fresh: Photo by Elise Bunting

Why do I never look this cool when I hit the water?

This is paddleboard yoga and a Bliss Paddle Yoga session is what you need. http://www.blisspaddleyoga.com. Balance away and breathe in the California vibe. From $39. http://www.visitnewportbeach.com.

Aerial yoga in SLO CAL

That’s one way to save a penalty: Photo by Loe Moshkovska

For the rest of us our bellies would just droop down.

But this is aerial yoga and you can try it out at SLO Yoga Center http://www.sloyogacenter.com in San Luis Obispo County, whose representatives regaled us with their charms on a visit to Dublin a couple of years ago.

You’ll want to hang from the ceiling in individual hammocks and build up your srength and flexibility. Somehow though I don’t think I could ever look this, even in California.

From approximately $18. See http://www.slocal.com.

Vineyard yoga near Santa Barbara

Vintage. Photo by Rui Dias

This is more like it… and a perfect way to wined down.

Against the backdrop of rolling hills and miles of grapevine, apparently this opens up the senses and lets you experience the post-workout tipple more easily. Never did find that a problem though.

Visit http://www.santabarbara.com.

Beer yoga in Redding

Cheers. Photo by Tembela Bohle

Now you’ve found my speciality.

Pints & Poses at Redding’s Wildcard ‘s Brewing House lets visitors enjoy stretching while sipping on a pint.

I’m good at that I stretch one arm forward bring it back, raise it to the lips and then repeat four or five times.

I’m signing up as a yogi teacher!

Plenty of juicy IPAs and coffee brown ales to chose from. And to think when I first went over to the States in the early 80s all my cousins liked to drink was Bud.

From approximately $15. Visit http://www.visitredding.com.

Happy International Yoga Day everybody. And don’t overdo it.

And for all things Californian, visit http://www.visitcalifornia.co.uk.

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