Holidos and don’ts

Slap it on… the suntan lotions, creams and sun factors.

But which one to get?

And how to make the most of the sun without getting burnt and making sure we all get a good tan.

All of which is hopefully serving me well this weekend in Barcelona where temperatures have been hitting the late 30s.

Read the label

We can be bamboozled by acronyms. WTF!

SPF is sun protection factor and the categories fall into four bands – low (SPF 6 & 10), medium (SPF 15, 20 & 25), high (SPF 30 & 50) and very high (SPF 50+). The average Irish person is in the 15, 20 & 25) category but if in doubt ask at your pharmacist.

It’s all in the application – How much to put on?

Photo by Linda Prebreza

For most of us adults that’s at least six full teaspoons – and I know that you don’t have a teaspoon with you on the beach so practise before you go. Children are all different so again check with your pharmacists, use your common sense and don’t scrimp.

Sun cream should also be applied 20 minutes before exposure to the sun and be reapplied a minimum of every two hours.

And make sure that it is not past its sell-by date. There should be a number, say 24, on the bottle.

And where to apply it

Photo by Pixabay

All over. There are of course very delicate areas… steady, I mean the nose and lips. And also ears, neck, hands and feet. And if you’re a hirsutically challenged gentleman then the baldy bit on the top of your head, or all over the bonce if necessary.

What to wear

Photo by Moose Photos

Best put a T-shirt or better still a long-sleeved cotton shirt, oul’ fella. And long trousers too.

You may think that’s less chic but then a lobster-coloured back and legs and being confined to your hotel room or worse still a visit to the hospital may be the alternative.

Also be sure to wear sunglasses that offer 100% UV protection.

When to stay out of the sun

The hours of 11am-3pm is when the sun is hottest so perhaps stay in the shade then. And you probably only need about 15 minutes at any given time.

A good time to dine but without being a killjoy perhaps go easy on the vino collapse or beer. Plenty of water please. And be particularly careful with kiddie.s

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